• Estimate user pose via webcam feed
  • Breakdown the activity(yoga asana) into stages
  • Provide sequential instructions to reach nearest stage
  • Calculate instruction based on checks for current stage
  • When all checks are met move on to guidance to next stage
Activity (yoga asana) broken down into stages
Guidance based on checks Technical Challenges
  • Pose Estimation model inference time should be within 100ms to yeild atleast 10fps and guidance to happen
  • Lighter OpenPose yeilded 5-10fps on our hardware for 256x256 input resolution, python model on webcam feed
  • Ran inference at 128x128 resolution, accounted for slight variations in predicted pose by using thresholds ranges at checks
  • Guidance on a CPU
  • Realtime guidance
  • Breaking activity into keyframes
Project Slides (CS637-Computer Vision II course project):